radio vertigo playlist august 2, 2008

the ting tings - shut up and let me go
pj harvey - who the fuck? (edit)
nin - wish (edit)

franz ferdinand - do you want to
lush - i've been here before
lush - hypocrite
magnapop - lay it down
elastica - never here

elastica - da da da
the gossip - yr mangled heart
girls against boys - she's lost control (joy division cover)
the creatures - standing there

pulp - like a friend
stretch - why did you do it?
mgmt - electric feel (leif's feel my shit mix)
uh huh her - not a love song

ladytron - i'm not scared
the cure - torture
lesbians on ecstasy - closer to dark (their take on prince of darkness by the indigo girls)
the presets - my people (mouse on mars tremor pretzels mix)
m.i.a. - 20 dollar
nomo - brainwave
spiritualized - i think i'm in love (chemicals bros mix)

my bloody valentine - to here knows when
portishead - silence
massive attack - dissolved girl
tricky - pumpkin
the black ghosts - repetition kills you (diplo mix)

thanks for listening!

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