radio vertigo playlist july 26, 2008

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part 1, part 2

pj harvey - man-size
pj harvey - sheela-na-gig
placebo - protect me from what i want
ms. john soda - no. one

new young pony club - the get go
morrissey - suedehead (sparks remix)
the pixies - into the white

ratatat - mirando
annabella (from bow wow wow) - fever (yes, a cover of *that* fever)
daedalus - fair weather friends

stanton miranda - love will tear us apart (joy division cover)
mgmt - electric feel (for my electric girl)
daft punk - high life
the kills - URA fever (IMA fever nite cells remix)

sascha funke - we are facing the sun
carmen rizzo - travel in time (f. kate havnevik)
frou frou - psychobabble
america - ventura highway (deepsky's blizzard in LA mix)
test icicles - what's your damage? (digitalism remix)

venetian snares - poo yourself jason (er, yes, unfortunately named track, but it is an instrumental, at least)
bil bless - cheese hog
the orb - a beautiful day
gift culture - chrysalis
sigur ros - gobbledigook

gorillaz - dare (soulwax remix)

thanks for listening!

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