radio vertigo playlist august 5, 2008 (fill-in show)

swans - love of life (long)
unkle - blackout
dj shadow - napalm brain/scatter brain
massive attack v mad professor - protection f/ tracey thorn (radiation ruling the nation dub mix)

daedalus - hrs:mins:secs
pop will eat itself - preaching to the perverted
depeche mode - love in itself
talking heads - this must be the place (naive melody) [request]
james - how was it for you?
the darling buds - the end of the beginning
ned's atomic dustbin - throwing things

the charlatans - mis-takes
new order - ceremony
joy division - shadowplay [request]
love and rockets - no big deal
chewbacca's sac - gravy train
yello - i love you
beck - replica
spiritualized - you lie you cheat
low vs diamond - heart attack [no, this unfortunately wasn't the band low vs somebody. it's some crappy "modern rock" bank that got me all confused into playing it w/o cueing it up cuz i thought, "how can i go wrong w/ low?" i make these mistakes and we all learn from them...]
the smiths - rubber ring

clinic - lee shan
pj harvey - plants and rags
siouxsie and the banshees - cascade (live)
lykke li - everybody but me

kilowatts - cross country/learn to love loneliness
lusine - ask you
halou - today
nonplus w/ vera o - this girl (gorgeous cover of this girl's in love w/ you)
placebo - running up that hill (equally gorgeous take on kate bush's song) [request]
sigur ros - #6 from the new one

kate bush - cloudbusting [kinda by request]
jose gonzalez - teardrop (live) (massive attack cover)
booka shade - the sun & the moon light
goldfrapp - happiness (metronomy remix f/ the teenagers)
plaid - ol

digital leather - hologram

thanks for listening!

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