radio vertigo playlist august 9, 2016

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the beastie boys - bodhisattva vow
kenickie - robot song
catherine wheel - heal
doves - firesuite
primal scream - higher than the sun
trentemoller - take me into your skin
meat beat manifesto - psyche-out (version 1)
death in vegas - your loft my acid (fearless transhouse mix long)
lords of acid - the most wonderful girl
die warzau - dry (simple mix)
darkstar - through the motions (shimsung edit)
spokes - flight


massive attack ft. hope sandoval - the spoils
the xx - intro
the bug - iceman
underworld - if rah (matthew herbert lunar dub)
depeche mode - dangerous
cocteau twins - seekers who are lovers (otherness version)
sneaker pimps - roll on
roisin murphy - simulation (mano le tough remix)
siouxsie and the banshees - ornaments of gold
tamaryn - softcore
the cure - the walk (everything mix)
plaid - held


audion - there was a button
wade - superdry
the knife - heartbeats
new order - tutti frutti
new order - ecstasy
grimes ft. aristophanes - scream
little boots - new in town
martina topley-bird - need one
prince and the revolution - computer blue
the orb - a huge ever-growing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the underworld (orbital mix)
lostep - because we can

thanks for listening!

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