radio vertigo playlist may 24, 2011 - Mr. Mark

tuesday may 24, 2011 8-11pm WMUH LIVE STREAMING AUDIO

tonight's show features music and spoken word performances by Mr. Mark (10/31/57-5/24/01), as well as music that he turned me on to throughout the years.

special thanks goes out to:

Joe Limbus, longtime friend and collaborator, who did an incredible birthday tribute to Mr. Mark last October. some of the pieces played tonight come from the special edition 4-cd set of Mr. Mark recordings Joe released after that broadcast.

Glenn Frantz, a DJ who used to follow Mr. Mark on the air and tape his shows, has compiled an excellent archive of Mr. Mark material here:


Joe Swanson, General Manager of WMUH and friend, who let me borrow some additional materials for this show.

Dave Garton, who took the recordings Mr. Mark and I laid down on my CDR in the radio station's old production room in the basement of Seeger's Union and turned it into the beautiful package called Surrealism Delirium.

and last, but not least, Mr. Mark, for giving us just enough of a taste of his "Artist. Genius. Funny." to leave us forever wishing we'd have been able to keep him from going extinct before his time. but i can't talk about that now, i've got a radio show to do :)

i hope you enjoyed this evening's broadcast. thanks for tuning in, gang.


laibach - sympathy for the devil (who killed the kennedys)
Mr. Mark - viva la babysitter
bjork - i miss you
the wolfgang press - mama told me not to come
Mr. Mark - compromise religious message
emiliana torrini - to be free
cranes - shining road (brauer mix)
the dust brothers - space monkeys
wagon christ - receiver
Mr. Mark - Allentown circus
nick cave and the bad seeds - (i'll love you) till the end of the world
portishead - all mine
the sugarcubes - pump (marius devries mix)

Mr. Mark - DJ island
sky cries mary - elephant song
Mr. Mark - play radio
angelo badalamenti - the pink room
julee cruise - questions in a world of blue
Mr. Mark - walking trees
love in life (psychic tv) - groove on
my life with the thrill kill kult - a continental touch
Mr. Mark - unbearable parable: punk rock choirgirl
the avalanches - frontier psychiatrist
UNKLE ft. thom yorke - rabbit in your headlights (rmx)

Mr. Mark & the Seismatics - aztec demon summoning
david bowie - i'm deranged (reprise)
brian eno - what actually happened?
Mr. Mark - surrealism delirium
meat beat manifesto - acid again (rmx)
dead can dance - the host of seraphim
this mortal coil - song to the siren
the postmarks - every day is halloween (ministry cvr)
stereolab - space moth
Mr. Mark - Allentown aquarium
Mr. Mark & the Seismatics - spotlight on death
juno reactor - pistolero

thank you for listening!

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