radio vertigo playlist november 29, 2008

sinead o'connor - feel so different
sigur ros - heysátan
dot allison - message personnel (arab strap remix)
cocteau twins - treasure hiding
gus gus - blue mug (demo version)

tricky - overcome
portishead - half day closing
bjork - i miss you (dobie pt. 2)
bjork - hyperballad (lfo mix)
gang gang dance - dust
stars - sad robot
first aid kit - tiger mountain peasant song (fleet foxes cvr)

mirah - the garden
pj harvey - one line
placebo - english summer rain
santogold - shove it
massive attack - group four
diplo - into the sun
blockhead - cavelight

boards of canada - dayvan cowboy
gift culture - walking in the twilight
m83 - skin of the night
trentemoller - take me into your skin
kilowatts - in the mist - in the gist mix by DoF & set in sand

thanks for listening!

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